3 Amazing Things Ever Thrown Out (For the Finder, At least!)

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and in these treasure-find cases; the statement couldn’t be more correct!

We’ve all been guilty of throwing out a receipt we later on needed, or losing an item of jewellery when in a rush, only to discover the poor thing is long gone with the dustbin men. However, have you ever been silly enough to throw out a valuable piece of art work? Or a winning lottery ticket?

Let’s hope not… But for these lucky dumpster divers – here are 3 of the best things that have ever been thrown out, well, for the individuals who found them, of course!

A winning lottery ticket

Back in 2005, a man found a lottery ticket in a bin, and out of curiosity, he checked the numbers. He discovered the ticket was a winner, and he had just won $1 million! How lucky?


So, here’s a lesson for you – if you’ve bought a ticket, always check it before you chuck it out. And if you don’t buy lottery tickets, maybe you should start! We’re pretty certain that the likelihood of you ever finding a winning ticket in a bin is far less likely than you buying one!

A Rolex


Although in the USA again, a ‘trash collector’ ended up finding not one, but two, expensive Rolex watches on two separate occasions. Better yet, the watches only needed very minor repairs in order to be restored to top quality, and the man ended up selling them on for a pretty nice amount of money!

A painting worth over $1 million

In 2003, when passing a pile of bin bags, a lady noticed a large painting nestled in between the rubbish, outside an apartment building. After thorough research, it was discovered that the painting was in fact stolen in 1987 in Houston, Texas, and somehow managed to make its way to New York, although nobody still knows how today.


As a good citizen, the lady returned the painting to its rightful owners, and received a $15,000 reward (about £9500). Not bad for something that was going to get dumped on the tip, eh?

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