Advantages of Residential Skip Hire

Here at Buchanan Skip Hire, we understand that getting rid of rubbish and other waste materials can be a monotonous task, not to mention the fact that it is a lot of hard work. Many homeowners choose to take their rubbish to the tip but this is not always a cost effective measure. In this blog, we will look into why hiring a skip is more effective for you than taking trips to the tip.


If you have a significant amount of waste to get rid of then it is far more convenient to use the services of a skip hire company. Here at Buchanan Skip Hire we can provide you with a full waste disposal service, which means all you will have to do is fill up your skip and we will take care of the rest. You won’t have to waste time breaking down your rubbish and figuring out a way to get it into your car.

Cost Effective

Many people consider driving waste to the tip to be a more cost effective choice compared to skip hire. However, one thing that is overlooked is the fact that you will be driving backwards and forwards from the tip; if the tip is not close by then the cost of petrol will dent your bank balance, especially if you have to take a number of trips.

You will also have think about the time it will take because you will have to load and unload at both ends of your trip to the tip. Busy days at the tip will undoubtedly mean that you will have to queue up, wasting hours of a free day.

Car Damage

Transporting waste to the tip can cause damage to your upholstery as dust and dirt is not easy to get out. Spending an exhausting day going to and from a skip will be made worse if you have to spend the rest of your weekend cleaning your car. On some occasions, the seating can get ripped which will require urgent repairs. You can avoid these problems by hiring a skip.

For more information about the services we provide don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are proven West Lothian Skip Hire specialists, so get in touch with us today on 01506 411141 for a cost effective service from start to finish.



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