Summer 2018 Update!

It has been a very busy summer for all of us here at Buchanan Skip Hire. The team attended Truck Fest again this year – and brought with them a couple of our brand new lorries! Some of you might have seen us there! These lorries, as well as several other new additions, were aquired as part of our fleet modernisation plan. We are continuously making sure our fleet is up to date to ensure the best level of service for our customers throughout West Lothian, Edinburgh and Falkirk – whilst at the same time also ensuring that our drivers are able to do their jobs in the latest, most efficient and safest vehicles available.

If you are in need of a skip, grab hire or even recycled aggregates – give us a call now on 01506 411141 to see why we are rated no. 1 for service!














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Skip Hiring Basics: What You Need To Know

Hiring a skip sounds easy, right? It is, but you do need to know some simple basics before you go ahead and order a skip. Here you’ll learn the ‘obvious’ things about skip hire that you may not have thought of before.

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Hiring a Skip when Moving House: 3 Things to Consider

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever experience, so of course you’ll want to make sure that the big day runs smoothly. This not only means ensuring your possessions are transported with care and attention, but that you’re able to dispose of all of the rubbish you’ve accumulated over the years, from tired furniture to cupboard clutter and old-fashioned clothes. After all, who wants a load of useless items taking up valuable space in their new home?

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Why You Need a Skip When Relocating Your Business

If you’re looking to move your business to a new premises, either because you’re expanding, downsizing, or simply want a fresh start, there are numerous things you must consider. How are you going to transfer all of the equipment? Are the utilities up and working? How are you going to inform customers and clients of the move?

However, while all of those elements are important, have you considered how the simple process of hiring a skip could make things a whole lot easier?

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Making Garden Compost in a Skip

If you’re a keen gardener and you’re planning a makeover for your outside space, or you own a small gardening business, you could recycle much of the resultant organic rubbish into compost. Your homemade compost can be used to fertilise your plants and veggies, saving you the cost of an expensive mass-produced product.

If you don’t have room for a compost heap, you could take out long-term small skip hire for your compost instead.

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The Etiquette of Skip-Diving

Skip-diving is unlikely to become an Olympic sport, but it is becoming a more and more popular pastime.

Skip-diving involves lying in wait outside someone’s house or business in the hope of finding discarded items which can then be reused or upcycled. Its growing popularity is due partly to the recession, partly to artists looking for materials, and partly to the fact that hiring a skip in Edinburgh has never been easier.

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Fight Fly-Tipping With a Skip

At some point or another, many of us have been tempted by fly-tipping or have seen another person dump their unwanted large objects somewhere other than a designated tip. What many don’t realise is that fly-tipping is actually an illegal act due to the rules and regulations put in place to protect the environment. The criminal act has increased by over 20% over the past few years and the government is cracking down on those who continue to do so.

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Ways to Save on Skip Hire in Edinburgh

Whether you’re de-cluttering your home, landscaping your garden or carrying out renovation work, hiring a skip can save you lots of time and hassle. Here are some top tips on how you can get the best value from skip hire in Edinburgh. Continue reading “Ways to Save on Skip Hire in Edinburgh” »

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Why Skip Hire May be the Best Option for a Garden Clearance Project

If you’re planning on clearing out your garden ready for summer planting or as part of a landscaping project, you could opt to take your garden waste to your local tip yourself, or alternatively, you could choose to hire a skip. So what’s the best option? Continue reading “Why Skip Hire May be the Best Option for a Garden Clearance Project” »

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How to Pick the Right Skip

Skips are essential for a huge range of waste disposal projects. Whether you are renovating a house, re-landscaping your garden, knocking down and clearing a wall or simply doing a big clear out of your home or office, a skip makes it easy for you to manage your waste – and saves endless trips to the local waste recycling centre! Continue reading “How to Pick the Right Skip” »

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