Clear Your Garden For Summer

With the weather warming up and long – perhaps even sunny – summer weekends ahead, it’s a fantastic time to sort out your garden and home. Long winter months followed by the sudden growth of spring can easily turn a garden into an overgrown jungle, and if you want space to enjoy the summer sunshine now is the time for a clear-out.

An overgrown garden can appear to be an intimidating chore, and it can be hard to see the potential of the space behind the brambles, but with the right approach you can turn it into an exciting and fulfilling project.

The first step is the most important; clearance. If you have a lot of brambles and other weeds, you may find it easier to trim them down first, cutting them close to the ground, and then dig up the roots. It’s important to not only dig out the roots but also dispose of them properly – left in your garden, they can easily grow back. It’s a good idea to hire a skip for the job – that way you won’t have to worry about having enough space in your regular garden waste bin, and nothing needs to lie about in the garden.

Other aspects of your garden may need some attention at this time of year too; your fences and walls, garden sheds and other structures, even children’s play equipment. If it’s still safe and sturdy, then a lick of paint or a coat of varnish may be all that’s needed – but if it’s past saving, throw it in the skip and treat yourself and your garden to something new. You don’t need to worry about putting mixed materials in your skip – here at Buchanan Skip Hire we sort out the waste for you, ensuring that as much as possible goes to recycling rather than to landfill.

The summer is also a great time for working on other aspects of your home – if you need to work on windows, roofs, or guttering , then naturally you’ll want to get it done while the weather is fine and the days are long. As a result, we frequently see the demand for skip hire in Scotland rising over the summer months. For more information, or to book your skip, call us on 01506 411141 for the West Lothian area, or 0131 558 7888 for the Edinburgh area; alternatively you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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