The Etiquette of Skip-Diving

Skip-diving is unlikely to become an Olympic sport, but it is becoming a more and more popular pastime.

Skip-diving involves lying in wait outside someone’s house or business in the hope of finding discarded items which can then be reused or upcycled. Its growing popularity is due partly to the recession, partly to artists looking for materials, and partly to the fact that hiring a skip in Edinburgh has never been easier.

As with all sports, there are certain rules that need to be observed.

1. Skip-Diving Should Be Environmentally Friendly

Items retrieved through skip-diving must be recycled or reused. Whether you’re a DIYer who dives for items that can be used to complete a project, or a Freegan who dives to save the planet, you shouldn’t dive now only to fly-tip later.

2. Good Health and Safety Practices Should be Observed

Skip-diving can be dangerous, particularly into skips where organic waste, broken glass, protruding nails and barbed wire are present. Skip-divers have even been known to have been killed while skip-diving, as skip removers don’t always expect them to be in there.

3. Skip-Diving Should Only be Undertaken When it is Lawful to Do So

Skip-diving itself is not actually illegal, but many businesses are choosing to hire lockable skips to deter divers. This raises the spectre of potential liability should a skip be damaged while it’s being dived. However, skips supplied by reputable hire firms are seriously robust pieces of kit, so a charge of criminal damage is unlikely.

4. Skip-Diving Should Never be Undertaken as a Cover for Unwanted Dumping

This is a definite no-no. Rogue divers sometimes take advantage of other people’s skip hire to abandon their own waste without permission. This is a problem if the skip hired is the optimal size for the customer’s needs alone.

5. Choose a Reliable Skip Hire Service

Buchanan Skip Hire provides skips of all sizes to businesses and homeowners throughout the Edinburgh, Falkirk and West Lothian area. For a reliable service – and the perfect skip-diving experience – don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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