Government Recycling Storage Regulations Set To Improve

Senior fire fighters have urged that the government waste storage scheme needs to be upgraded in light of a recent outbreak of fires that have affected many recycling plants. Almost 20 individual blazes have been reported since January at recycling plants across the west Midlands, and fire fighters have accused the waste storage regulations used at these plants as being vastly out of date.

New minimum standards have been proposed to prevent bulk storage of plastics, paper and cardboard on industrial estates, as such conditions are contributing greatly towards the recent fire outbreaks that have been described as a “draining” demand on resources. These standards aim to recycling sites covered as much as possible to reduce sparking hazards, and seek to promote the usage of fire breaks within storage areas. The largest trade body within the recycling industry has supported the regulations, but has warned that there is no “magic answer” to the problem. One of the major blazes was apparently caused by an errant Chinese lantern, and the chief executive of the Recycling Association has claimed that catering for such freak problems is unrealistic.

Recycling is now big business in the UK, and the amount of recycling sites has seen a prolific increase over recent years to reflect this prevailing attitude. Recycling schemes are heavily promoted by the government, and here at Buchanan Skips we aim to collect and deal with waste in the best possible way. We are committed to providing skip hire in Scotland, and all of the waste within our skips is extensively sorted to make certain that as much as possible is recycled.

We take our recycling responsibilities very seriously, so our services are augmented by our own personal recycling plant, a facility that adheres to strict health and safety regulations and that also holds a license from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. A full 80% of our waste collection in Edinburgh, Falkirk and West Lothian is currently recycled, although we are constantly seeking to improve our recycling techniques even further. Be sure to contact us if you are looking to make use of an environmentally friendly skip hire service in Scotland.

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