Going Green with Environmentally-Friendly Skip Hire

The environment is a huge concern in the modern world. With news stories concerning global warming and the filling of many landfill sites being very commonplace, and the problems caused by dropping litter all too prevalent,  there is a lot of pressure to consider the environment; and rightly so.

When people need a large clear out, it can be tempting for them to simply throw unwanted possessions away, or dump them in bulk at one of the aforementioned landfill sites, but actually you could also put a little more consideration into these actions by sparing a thought for the environment. For example, many skip hire companies, including Buchanan Skip Hire, offer a waste removal service that recycles a high percentage of rubbish, so why not take advantage of one of them?

As if the fact that you’ll be doing your bit for the environment isn’t enough, you’ll also find that environmentally-minded skip companies will offer a very professional service anyway, so you only stand to gain by approaching one of these firms for waste removal.

Here at Buchanan Skip Hire, we are proud to say that we rank among the very best skip hire firms when it comes to recycling a high proportion of the refuse that we collect, and we’re always working hard to reach even greater heights as well. To give you an idea of where we currently stand, here’s how we compare to some other skip hire businesses that deal in recycling:


Company and Location

Claimed Percentage of Recycled Material

Abbey Skip Hire in Manchester

Minimum level of 90%

Buchanan Skip Hire in Edinburgh

Over 85% on average

Cox Waste Management in Devon


London Skip Hire in London


D I Evans in West Wales


As you can see, we currently match up very well among skip hire businesses when it comes to recycling, and even exceed most other companies that prioritise environmentally friendly practises.  Of course, a good few skip hire companies don’t really take much care with their recycling at all, so you’ll find that we far outstrip the average recycling capacity that you’ll come across.

At Buchanan Skip Hire, we know how important it is to recycle waste responsibly, but we also recognise that you still want a skip hire service at an affordable price, and that why we offer skip hire in Scotland that comes with recycling services at no extra cost. We can do this regardless of the size of skip that you have in mind and regardless of the scale of your waste removal requirement, so you can trust us to provide skip hire that’s exceptionally well balanced in all areas. Call us now on 01506 411141 or 01315587888 to find out more, or email our professional team at buchananskips@btconnect.com.

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