It’s a Cardboard World, or Is It Actually Flat-Packed?

As one of the leading providers of skip hire in Falkirk, we come across hundreds of cardboard boxes a day, yet we can honestly say we’ve never seen the full potential (bar the holding, storing and carrying qualities, of course) that a cardboard box really provides.

When trawling the internet, we’re always on the lookout for fun and unique ways to utilise the world’s rubbish – and when we stumbled across this dude – UK-born artist, Chris Gilmour – we just had to share his cheeky cardboard arts with you!

…Strange to think it all started with something as simple as a cardboard box, eh?

Anyway, welcome to the weird, wonderful and extremely cardboard world of Chris Gilmour…

Fancy a drive, anyone?

Born in 1973, Gilmour is an English artist who specialises in the creation of life-sized sculptures made of recycled cardboard and glue. He started becoming recognised for his flat-packed world back in 2001, and began to exhibit and win awards quite quickly into his artist career.


He isn’t particularly fussy about the cardboard he uses – as long as it’s recycled – and all works are hand-crafted from both plain and printed materials; ranging from the everyday box to promotional packaging.


Grabbing inspiration from the every day, many of Gilmour’s cardboard creations replicate (in painstaking detail, we might add) many objects and machines that we come across in our ordinary lives. His collections including cars, motorbikes, and pianos to architecture and random household items.


Gilmour’s choice of objects has always been based on their ability to call up memories and emotions that he or his audience associate with the item. His earlier works were made with very clean cardboard, offering a hyper-realistic effect which many assumed were real objects that had been painted or covered in paper.


His more recent works are made from cardboard boxes which are still found on the street, but which show all the printing, tape and original labels. Gilmour has been said to give wasted objects a ‘’new lease of life’’ and his work heavily plays between the boundaries of art and recycling.


What do you think? We love Gilmour’s work, and love the fact that he creates new and incredible things from the discarded items many overlook. Imagine if the world was made of cardboard? Sure, it wouldn’t be very useful, but it sure would be interesting.

To discover more of Gilmour’s eco-friendly works, check out his website.

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