Let’s Talk About Skips: The Different Skips & Their Uses

With all our talking about skips, we realise we’ve never actually discussed the different types. When you think of a skip, you think of one tool; all the same size, performing one incredibly important job – waste disposal.

Yes, when people think of a skip, they don’t imagine there are different types for different jobs, they just think of a bigger, stronger option than a bin. But that’s going to change today, as we’re going to run through the different types of skip with you, so that the next time you need one; you’ll know exactly what you need.

Mini  & Midi Skips

These little guys of the skip world are used for your low volume waste projects such as a small attic clear out, or if you’re getting rid of a couple pieces of furniture. So when we say ‘mini’, we’re not actually talking really small – just small compared to a normal skip.

Generally, you’re looking at an average height of about 0.76 meters and a length of 1.22 meters – but if you want it in an easier perspective, you can probably fit about 25-35 bin bags in mini skips – that is, depending on what you put in it of course.

That’s for mini-skips, for midi skips, you’re looking at only a slight different in size. Because of the small difference, we’ll give it to you in measurements of bin-bags. With a midi skip, you’re looking at getting about 35-45 bin bags in there.

Builders Skip

A builder’s skip is much larger than a mini or midi skip – obviously – but just how much bigger? Well, if you’ve got some renovations going on in your home, especially one that’s going to produce a lot of waste, these skips would help out with your waste management tremendously.

This also happens to be the most popular choice of skip amongst people looking to get rid of their waste. Maybe it’s for its size, or for its suitability for your more bulky items – whatever the reason, the builders skip is the common image of the skip and with the amount of them being used, it won’t change any time soon.

Large Skip

Wait, isn’t a builders skip a large skip? Well, yes but a large skip is, as you might have guessed, a little bit bigger than all the others. Whereas a builders skip works to hold a mixture of different sized items, a large skip is tailored for a multitude of bulkier items.

Basically, you’re looking at about 180-210 black bags worth.

So now you know all the types of skips, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of skip you need on your next waste removal job.

When it comes to that job, you’ll need a quality skip and with that, we can help. We not only provide skips, but we also offer all kinds of different waste services, such as our waste recycling in Edinburgh – that’s why we’re one of the best in the UK. For more information, contact us on 0131 558 7888 for Edinburgh and 01506 411141 for West Lothian and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

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