Making Your Skip Hire Cost-Effective For Your Business

When looking to hire a skip in Edinburgh, your key concern is most likely getting rid of the rubbish that is sitting on your doorstep as quickly as possible. Our skips are available in all sizes for all domestic and commercial needs, and when you contact us we’ll be able to give you a quote for how much this will cost you.

However, there are some other financial considerations to be made when hiring a skip:

Shop around for the best deal

Try to get a few quotes from different companies and see if there is room for manoeuvre; we always try our best to match what others are offering in order to exceed your expectations, for example.

Don’t forget VAT

Skip hire will include 20% VAT (included in the quoted price). If you are a business, this will be a cost that you can claim back as part of your VAT return expenses.

Considerations as a landlord

If you’re a landlord looking to hire a skip as part of a clear-out, it’s valuable for you to know that you are able to claim expenses on all properties that you own the day that your first property is let out (this is when HMRC regards your property rental business as starting), even if the other properties are not yet let. Additionally, if you have incidental costs, such as requiring skip hire or general labour, for on any of your properties – let or otherwise – you are allowed to claim them as a ‘revenue’ expense as part of your income tax deduction. This means, however, that the repair or renewal can only restore the property to its original condition (for example, if you’ve had squatters) rather than enhance the property value.

Get in touch

When hiring a skip, regardless of your circumstances, bear in mind that we offer early delivery (from 6am onwards) ensuring a cost-effective day of work clearing your site, home or business. The permit is also organised on your behalf, which saves you time and hassle and there is no additional charge for having the skip for a couple of extra days. Additionally, if your business requires a skip on site permanently, we offer contract hire too – a great, affordable rate for long-term usage.

Photo: Skip magnet by Alan Stanton licensed under Creative commons 5
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