Mini, Midi, Maxi: Choosing The Right Skip

The process of hiring a skip is certainly not an everyday task therefore it completely understandable that making the appropriate choice can be very difficult for the average person. Skips come in a wide variety of sizes so it is a good idea that you analyse your options so that you do not hire a skip that is too big and pay for unnecessary extra space, or hire a skip that is smaller than required, which could end up costing you extra money.

This blog will focus on the three main categories of skip sizes, which are mini, midi and maxi; and will explain the best options for different scenarios to make the skip selection process easier for you.

Size: Mini
Capacity: 2 Cubic Yards
As their name suggests, the Mini skips are the smallest skip option available. They are suitable for smaller domestic clearance jobs, such as garden, house or a small garage clear out. In order to put skip size into perspective, skip specialists estimate that Mini skips are capable of accommodating 20 to 30 thirty average-sized bin bags full of waste.

Size: Midi
Capacity: 4 Cubic Yards
The sizes of the Midi skips will vary from one organisation to another as the sizes that some companies consider their ‘midi’ can be slightly larger or smaller than 4 cubic yards. The Midi skips are suitable for small domestic projects like kitchen or bathroom redecoration. Their average size means they can fit on the majority of driveways making them an even more appropriate option for domestic renovation tasks. Experts state these 4-yard skips can hold between 30 to 40 full bin bags.

Size: Maxi
Capacity: 8 Cubic Yards
Similar to the Midi skips, the precise dimensions of a skip that is considered Maxi varies in different organisations, however the most common size is 8 cubic yards. Maxi skips are common known as the builders’ skip as they are ideal for larger domestic jobs that involve heavy and bulky waste. Experts estimate that Maxi skips are capable of holding the equivalent of between 60 to 80 full bin bags.

The size difference of skips can be very difficult to judge, so making the right choice is not as simple as it seems. Although some get it right, many people tend to overestimate or underestimate the rubbish that will be produced and it is because of this that you should consider professional help to make the appropriate choice. At Buchanan Skip Hire, we are a company specialising in skip hire in Scotland. We have the expertise to help you make the right decision so contact us today on 0131 558 7888 for our advice.

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