Moving house clear out

Moving house is widely regarded as one of the more stressful occasions in life and can leave you with a few less hairs atop your head. With weeks of packing up all the cupboards, clothes and don’t forget the bits in the attic that you don’t want to forget, it is easy to let it get on top of you. Moving house can also be an incredibly emotional process, especially if you have lived in your current home for a long time. There is though another way to see moving house and it really can be an incredibly cathartic process that can actually relieve the stress that can build up in a home over time.

The way to turn a potentially stressful occasion around and make it into a rewarding task is to couple it with a household clearout. Over time we inevitably collect things, if you have lived in a house for more than a year or so you will certainly have certain items that are there that don’t really need to be there. Getting rid of these can leave you feeling far better in your mess and clutter free new home.


Here at Buchanan Skip Hire we have been providing skip hire in West Lothian for over 25 years and have helped many people with their move into a new home. With all this experience we thought that we should put together a quick guide to things that you should and shouldn’t put in your skip when you move;

In the skip

It is worth noting that not all things that you want rid of will be rubbish and charity shops are a great place to get rid of that clutter that could be useful to someone else. Here are some of the most common items that people quite rightly get rid of when they leave;

  • The spare Christmas tree- yes you heard it right, some households genuinely have a spare one, get it in the skip!
  • Broken things – why do we continue to keep things that are broken? Unless it can be mended or has sentimental value, get it in the skip!
  • Leaflets and impersonal paperwork – every day there is a new stack on the welcome mat, usually neatly hole punched by the dog for easy filing. They fill our draws, cupboards and they simply never get used so you know what’s coming next don’t you? In the skip!

Not in the skip

It is worth noting that your skip will generally be unguarded outside your property during this de-clutter so there are certain items that you will want to dispose of in a different manner. Here is a list of a few things that you really don’t want to be slinging in your skip.

  • Personal paperwork – as much as the leaflets need to go you don’t want to be putting anything with any sensitive personal information in your skip. If you still want to dispose of it then they will need to be shredded.
  • Chemicals and paint – that ten year old tub of emulsion or those spare drain cleaner bottles need to go to your local recycling centre as they can rupture and become harmful when other rubbish is piled on top of them.

So if you are moving soon then don’t let the stress take over you, moving house leaves you with all your happy memories intact and many new fresh ones to be made in a new home. If you are planning on hiring a skip and are at all unsure on what size or type is perfect for you then feel free to contact us and our helpful staff will be happy to help.

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