The Real Junk Food Project: From the Skip to Your Plate

Is this the future of eateries and local cafes?

A non-for-profit cafe wants to raise public awareness of the ‘crazy’ amount of food that is wasted in Britain, and here’s how they chose to do it…

Having opened their doors to the lovely people of Bristol back in October 2014, Skipchen, a non-for-profit cafe, is ran by a group of individuals who each night, volunteer to go out and search through skips for any food waste that can be turned into a meal the next day. And although a lunchtime snack made from ingredients found in a skip may not sound overly appetising, this unique concept-cafe is gaining quite the opposite view.

Discovering their food sources from nearby skips, restaurant and supermarket bins – Skipchen is ran by Sam Joseph, 24, the co-director of The Real Junk Food Project, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of unnecessary food waste in the UK.

“We take food that would otherwise go to waste; the way we do it when we go ‘skipping’ is we do it as soon as they throw the food away. We see them do it and get the food out and into the refrigerator straight away. I am really conscious of food safety and food hygiene”


Although the cafe doesn’t charge for their foods, they do request customers to ‘pay-as-they-feel’, a concept which has proved extremely popular with many Bristol locals and visitors alike. The cafe also received donations from farms, local businesses and families, while it has also formed a partnership with restaurant chain, Nandos, to supply any surplus chicken.

“We have a real mix of people coming to the cafe and they sit on two long tables, so you could have a business man sitting next to someone who is homeless one lunchtime.”

Although TRJFP’s Skipchen is one of the first cafes of its kind, we are sure the UK will start to see these little gems popping up along every other local high street!  According to a recent House of Lords EU Committee report, an estimated 15 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK, at a cost of £5bn – so, if that’s the case – why not? Skipchen is a modern, innovative and fantastic way of helping people, whilst using would be-wasted foods for the purpose they were made for.


For more information, check this lovely lot out on the Bristol Skipchen Facebook page.

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