Response to Scottish Waste Regulations ‘Positive’

Previously on our blog, we reported how new rules for recycling have come into effect for Scottish businesses. A few days on, the response to these regulations appears to have been extremely positive. According to an article on Lets Recycle, businesses are already implementing some sorely needed changes into their recycling procedures, with larger companies leading the way. The Scottish waste sector has already engaged in a variety of strong promotions to raise awareness about the news rulings, although it is still said that ‘more work needs to be done’.

Since the changes were ushered in, a full 90% of surveyed businesses have been found to be in compliance with the new waste management practices, with the main issues of contention proving to be contamination and the proper segregation of waste streams. A degree of suspicion still remains over the effect that the campaign has had upon small businesses, and such businesses are being urged to contact the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in the event that any of the clarifications prove unclear.

Recycling and proper disposal of waste is now an issue of paramount importance in the UK, and the new standards in Scotland are simply a by-product of this overarching ambition. Whilst few businesses would disagree with the practice of recycling, or the sentiment behind these actions, more tend to neglect these systems due to a perceived lack of time, or a general reticence to comply with over-convoluted rules. However, failure to comply with these regulations can often lead to unwanted penalties, such as a fine, so it is of vital importance to do all that is expected.

Here at Buchanan Skips, we have been offering waste collection in Falkirk for more than two decades, and we currently recycle a full 80% of the waste that is collected in our skips. This means that you can have total confidence of being in full adherence with the new waste policies when you use our services, and our experience can actually help you comply with these standards if you find yourself unsure. We’re committed to reducing the amount of waste that ends up on landfill sites, so you can always be certain of our environmentally friendly and efficient standards. Enquire now for more information.

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