Rubbish by Name, Rubbish by Nature!

Rubbish really is rubbish. It attracts pests, it’s a fire hazard and it can smell pretty bad too. General waste collection in Falkirk is undertaken by the Council every three weeks so it’s quite easy for rubbish to mount up, especially for larger households. In this blog we are going to go through the dangers of rubbish and what you can do to avoid them.


Rubbish is a Pest & Pests are Rubbish

If rubbish is allowed to build up it can attract a whole range of pests including vermin, especially mice and rats, cockroaches, flies and plenty of other gross critters.

Rats and mice, like other animals which live in rubbish tips and other unhygienic places, pick up disease-causing germs from their environment. Rats represent a serious health risk as they can transmit Salmonellosis and Weil’s disease through a potentially lethal bacterium that transfers from the rats’ urine into water systems, not to mention that they are known to carry other pests such as fleas, ticks, mites and nematodes.

Before flies eat, they vomit their stomach contents on solid food. The digestive juices then break down the food into a liquid which the fly then drinks up using its proboscis. Particles of dirt also stick to the body hairs making them a very efficient carrier of disease causing organisms. Flies are able to travel many kilometres from their breeding place. However, if there are lots of flies around, it usually means there is a good breeding place nearby.

Don’t Let Rubbish Fires Get You Down in the Dumps

A large percentage of household waste is flammable. If a large amount is left to pile up and is in the vicinity of a tossed cigarette it could turn into a very nasty fire, putting you and those around you in danger.

To reduce your risk of rubbish fires:

  • Only put rubbish out when it’s due to be collected.
  • Keep rubbish away from doors and windows.
  • Keep exits and escape routes clear of rubbish.

Protecting your home against the dangers of rubbish couldn’t be easier. Make sure you remember to put the bins out the night before they’re due to be collected, but if you forget, or there’s too much, contact us on 01506 411141 to speak to a member of our team and get sorted out with the right skip for your job.

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