Scotland Launches £3.8 Million Recycling Fund

Here at Buchanan Skip Hire we take recycling very seriously. We understand that disposing of waste in landfill sites is a short term solution that could have long term impacts on the environment; especially with regards to dangerous gases being released from landfill sites when waste decomposes. We are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment where possible through recycling waste at our own recycling plant; which is licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. We are delighted by the news that the Scottish government have decided to invest in helping more businesses recycle.

On 20th February, the Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources conference was held in Edinburgh to discuss Scotland’s Green infrastructure proposals. It was decided by the Environmental Minister, Richard Lochhead, that a fund to help businesses recycle a wider variety of materials will be unveiled. The initiative will be supported by Zero Waste Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Investment Bank.

This initiative is an expansion of the existing Scottish Plastics Loan Fund which was established in 2012. It will make loans available to businesses who are interested in developing means to sort and reprocess waste materials; including plastics, textiles, tyres, food waste and plasterboard.  This fund is part of wider initiatives which are supporting the move to a low carbon economy with sustainable economic growth.

Businesses who are interested in recycling will be able to bid between £50,000 and a maximum of £1.9 million to support their innovative ideas for recycling, which could include new recycling plants, developing waste products into new commodities or reforming materials.

Richard Lochhead has said that by developing Scotland’s waste process industry they can create a more circular economy to create new business opportunities, make useful raw materials more available and also reduce carbon emissions. The government are very keen for businesses who are interested in developing ways of recycling and reusing waste to take up the funding opportunity, as it would jointly benefit their business and the country. The aim of this funding initiative is to help make Scotland a cleaner, greener and more economically robust country.

This fund is a great thing not just for those who are part of the waste reprocessing industry, but also for all general companies, as it gives encouragement to recycle and future opportunities or recycling methods may develop as a result of new projects. We currently recycle 80% of the waste that goes into our skips, making sure waste is fully sorted and salvaged as much as it can be. If you’re looking for skip hire in West Lothian due to an office refurbishment, extension or general overhaul, then we will help you to dispose of your waste responsibly.

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