What Size Skip is Best for…?

If you’re considering undertaking a DIY job, or if you’re having renovations done in your home, then you’re going to need a skip to get rid of all the debris. However, you’re going to want to choose the right skip size for the job – too small and you’re going to have to have it emptied more regularly than you intended because transport of overfilled skips is illegal. However, you also don’t want to hire a skip that’s too big as it will end up costing you more for waste space that you don’t need.

So before you enquire about hiring a skip, make sure you know what sizes are most suited to certain jobs so that you can get a better idea of the skip you’ll need.

Spring Clean

A spring clean shouldn’t take up too much room – unless you tend to hoard anything and everything – which is why a 2 yard skip would be ideal. You can also use this size skip to chuck out garden waste and debris from other small domestic jobs. A 2 yard skip can usually fit around 20-30 bin bags in it, and are usually referred to as mini skips, so if you’re planning any home renovations then a bigger skip might be advised, but if you’re just looking to de-clutter then this would be perfect!

Minor Refit

If you’re considering renovating slightly smaller rooms in your house, such as a WC or small bathroom, then a 4 yard skip might be the best option. Other small household jobs may include kitchen and bathroom refits, garden clearances and other minor scale jobs. This will give you plenty of room to throw away spare parts and tiles, but if you’re looking to completely rip apart a larger room then you may need to consider upsizing.


Are you having renovations done in your home? Then there are skips that you can hire that are more fitted to larger scale household jobs and bigger room renovations. Whether you’re having professionals in to do room renovations in your home or you’re undertaking a bigger DIY job yourself, a 6 yard skip might be best for your project.



Bigger construction projects are naturally going to need a bigger skip size as a larger skip can fit more bulky items and debris inside. An 8 yard skip would be perfect for these kinds of jobs as they have plenty of space for waste that’s being cleared from large properties. They’re also used for jobs like residential and office refurbishments and refits.

At Buchanan Skip hire we can provide you with the right size skip for the job, so if you require any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch at 01506 411141, otherwise you can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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