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We have already seen some incredible uses of skips: carting waste about for example, eh! Also, our post from back in December shows just how skips can be used as a basis for art; you can read that post here. But that got us thinking about what else skips can be used for, aside from waste and crazy-interesting art projects, and we stumbled across this.

The Skip Garden.

This project is all about taking up-cycling to the very next level and is based in London at Kings Cross. As well as recycling all the rubbish, the entire collection of skips have been turned into this incredible skip garden; a veggie garden that is movable!

This fantastic idea was created by the Global Generation, but why you ask? Well, only around 14% of people living in London are able to grow their own vegetables, whilst everyone else buys from a supermarket. So make portable gardening containers. Simple.

With a growing concern that Londoners don’t actually know how to grow their own food, or even have a hands-on approach with nature, this project was developed from that.

The beauty of these gardens being built in skips has to be because they’re portable! The skips can be loaded up onto a wagon and can bring the tasty garden treats across all parts of London.

Believe it or not, the gardens built in a skip are pretty much self-contained, at least after a little bit of gardening magic and TLC from the garden manager, Paul Richens.

Not only does this project give the individuals something to do, it also provides workshops and something for everyone of all ages to get involved with. The produce is then sold on to the local restaurants, making the entire project self-sufficient.

A whole day can be spent at the Skip Garden for people of all ages; the little onsite cafe has a massive range of organic smoothies and treats to look forward to.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our skips out to use as flower beds, but we do provide waste collection in Falkirk at the best rates around. If you are looking to have a big clear out, contact us on 01506 411141 to speak to a member of our team and get sorted out with the right skip for your job.

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