The Skip Don’ts

With good weather and longer days, you might be thinking about remodelling the garden, the toilet, the kitchen… No matter how ambitious your project is, there is going to be waste – and that’s okay because spring is the time for renovation!

To stay safe and comfortable, the best idea is to rent a skip where you can easily get rid of all your waste. However, even when skips provide an easy and quick solution, there are also some things you should keep in mind.

Too Small

You might think your back yard is tiny so you won’t be generating too much rubbish until you find yourself surrounded by piles and piles of waste. To avoid anxiety, avalanches and an extra-expense when hiring another skip, always go for a size slightly bigger than the one you think you need. For instance, if you are remodelling a toilet, something smaller than a 6 yard skip might not be a good idea. Check out all our sizes and suggestions before deciding!


Asbestos is a material used because of its high resistance to fire or heat, and is present in some old fabrics and buildings. It’s also extremely toxic – and that’s why it is no longer used. When its fibres are released into the air, it can cause very serious diseases, including cancer. If you have a suspicion that any of your waste may contain asbestos, don’t throw it into your skip! Call a professional asbestos removal instead, and dispose of it safely.


Medical Waste

It’s never a good idea to have expired or unwanted medicines around the house, as they can be accidentally taken by children or pets. But the skip is not the place to put them either! Many of these medicines contain toxic substances that should be disposed of in specific ways – usually by authorised collectors.

Syringes are also items you shouldn’t place in your skip as they are sharp and thus can pose a threat for anyone around – including the people who will take your skip back.


Petrol and Oil

These substances are highly flammable. By putting them in your skip, where they will get mixed with all kind of materials, you will cause a fire risk. So if you want to avoid trouble (no one wants to see their own back yard in flames) never place petrol and oil in the skip.

Fluorescent Tubes

They use mercury to work and, as you may already know, this is a very dangerous substance for human health. That is why fluorescent tubes are considered universal waste and they have to be taken to specific places where they can be recycled without causing any damage. So now you know, keep them far away from the skip.


If you’re refurbishing a room, you probably want to complete the look by painting it. Sometimes, there is an excess of paint that you want to get rid of. You may consider keeping it for touch-ups, but if you are totally sure you want to dispose of it, keep in mind that paint is also a hazardous substance. Its toxic materials can leak into the ground, contaminate septic tanks and cause injury to workers… so make sure you take the cans to the appropriate place – which is not the skip.

Tin of Paint


Here at Buchanan Skip Hire we guarantee a next day delivery at any hour that suits you. And because we know refurbishing is quite an adventure, we won’t charge you for those few extra days we know you need to make your project perfect! Contact our friendly team today and we’ll be glad to help.

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