Why Skip Hire May be the Best Option for a Garden Clearance Project

If you’re planning on clearing out your garden ready for summer planting or as part of a landscaping project, you could opt to take your garden waste to your local tip yourself, or alternatively, you could choose to hire a skip. So what’s the best option?

Skips Offer Convenience

If you opt to take your garden waste to the tip, you will have to load up your car or trailer and then drive to the tip to get rid of the rubbish. This is time-consuming and messy, whereas hiring a skip is far more practical and a lot less hassle.

If you don’t have a small trailer and you have to take your garden waste to the tip in your car, you can easily end up with grass clippings, leaves and soil all over your carpets and upholstery. If you need to hire a skip in West Lothian, we will come and remove it for you, saving you a potential bill for a car valet.

Quantity of Waste to Remove

Although a couple of small bags of rubbish can be taken to the tip in the boot of your car, making multiple trips to dispose of large volumes of waste is not cost-effective in terms of fuel or time. It will work out much cheaper, in the long run, to hire a skip, especially if you have lots of garden waste to shift.

Placement of the Skip

Many people worry that they can’t place a skip legally outside their home if there isn’t room for it on their driveway. This should not be a concern as your skip hire company will organise a skip permit from your local council for the duration of your skip hire.

Save Yourself the Bother

Although you might think at first that taking your garden waste to the tip is the cheapest option, hiring a skip is far more convenient and a lot less hassle, especially if you have lots of rubbish to get rid of.

For more information and guidance on hiring a skip for your next garden clearance project, contact us at Buchanan Skip Hire.

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