Skip Hiring Basics: What You Need To Know

Hiring a skip sounds easy, right? It is, but you do need to know some simple basics before you go ahead and order a skip. Here you’ll learn the ‘obvious’ things about skip hire that you may not have thought of before.

Placing A Skip

When you hire a skip, you will obviously need somewhere to put it. There are a couple of considerations to be made here. If your skip is going to be placed on public land, then you will need a skip permit and you will run the risk of people fly-tipping into it. When you hire a skip, the hire company will be able to arrange a permit for you. Placing a skip on private land is the most secure solution, but remember that the truck needs to be able to manoeuvre the skip into place.

Ground Damage

You will also need to consider ground damage when placing a skip. A skip can become very heavy and can damage a driveway. Placing wooden boards or stabilising equipment beneath the skip can minimise this risk.


Remember that you need to be able to access the skip with tonnes of rubbish and rubble. The skip needs to be accessible for loading from the property. Remember not to block pathways when loading and beware of steps and curbs in the way.

Skip Size

Use our skip size guide to pick the right sized skip. As a general rule, a yard of skip is worth 10 garbage bags of waste.


It is illegal to overfill a skip, so you need to be efficient with the space when loading. Place the big heavy items at the bottom and throw the lighter and smaller stuff on top. The smaller items will bed down and fill the gaps at the bottom without leaving any unwieldy items sticking out of the top.

Disposal Restrictions

Not everything can go in the skip. As a general rule, if it can be considered hazardous then it shouldn’t go in. Electrical items like TVs and fridges are not allowed, so make sure you check what you’re loading before it goes in.

If you have any further questions about skip hire in Edinburgh and West Lothian, or to book your skip now, contact us.

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