Don’t Skip Out- Knowing Your Skip Legalities


As experts in skip hire in Falkirk, we know all of the ins and outs when it comes to hiring a skip. These days you need permission for everything and everything needs to go through some kind of authority. It’s maddening, especially when it comes to parking. In big cities where there’s very little parking space, you either have to scour the streets for a car park, or search every nook and cranny for a stretch of road you can park on without being fined. The alternative to this? Get a parking permit.


Skips, surprisingly enough, also need a license or ‘parking permit’. At Edinburgh Skip Hire, we provide  you with permits, licenses and everything else you’ll need to avoid any unpleasant fines, so you have no need to panic. Before you gut your house and throw all of your unwanted belongings into a good ol’ skip however, here are a couple of legalities you may find interesting to know.

Where You Can and Can’t Put It

It’s very tempting, if you don’t have a driveway, to leave your skip outside your house on a public road. You’ve seen our blog Don’t Skip On the Safety- 3 Common Sense Tips for Staying Safe around Skips, and how you should be considerate when placing your skip in the public’s eye line, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

If you’re planning on placing your skip on a road you need to make sure that the skip has a permit or license. Otherwise you can be fined up to £1,000 if you are caught without one.


For safety reasons you are not allowed to place your skip onto a public pavement; it’s the road or your own private land (don’t worry, if the skip’s on your own property you don’t need a permit or license for it).

Safety First for Legalities

Thanks to the size and shape of your skip, you need to have certain markings on and around it otherwise- wait for it- you can get fined up to £1,000! Reflective markings, traffic cones or night safety lamps as well as the name and number of the company you’ve hired from must all be present and accounted for.

Some skip hire businesses don’t supply you with a skip license or permit, however because we want to provide the best service for you, we do. Being one of the best skip hires in Falkirk we’ll provide you with the best possible service you’ll need; simply contact us on 01315587888 to find out more or to hire your skip today.

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