Skip vs Sack: Which is Best?

When it comes to waste showdowns, none seem to matter more than the fight between skip and sack. In Edinburgh, skip hire and bin bag collection are easy and affordable and we love both methods of waste removal, but what about you? Which recycling technique are you rooting for?


In the left corner, varying between 2 yards long and 6ft x 4ft x 3ft deep to 8 yards long and a whopping 11.5ft x 5.5ft x 4ft deep is the magnificent, the sturdy, the skip! Versatile in its size and shape, our skips are legal permit holders and all are capable of removing the largest items from your house or business. With a varied choice of drop door skips to help with difficult waste removals- such as removing items with the aid of wheelbarrows- and the additional choice of fantastic open or closed skips- in case you wish to secure your waste over night- the skip really is a force to reckon with.



In the right corner, varying in size and capable of holding any number of your office rubbish items, it’s the versatile container, the household’s greatest love, the bin bag! Fantastic in its holding capabilities the bin bag is the skip of the office world. Boldly going where no skip has gone before, the bin bag travels to the very top of your office building with one goal in mind; to get your waste bagged, tagged and removed from your sight.



Setting two very different waste removals against each other seems a little unfair, so we’re letting you decide which would suit your business or job best. With same or next day delivery you can be sure that whichever team you’re on, you’ll get the best quick and reliable service possible.

Both competitors have their stunning advantages and are designed with their own job specific roles in mind. We must say, we are very pleased with their performance, but what about you? If you want to test out our flexible waste removal services for yourself, or if you already know which method of waste removal would best serve your business or job, contact us today on 01506 411141 and we’ll move mountains to get you your required containers.


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