Skip Waste: The Future of Art

As the saying goes, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, and when it comes to art – it couldn’t be truer.

As today’s art world becomes more and more contemporary ; we just couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by to highlight the weird and wonderful works of Goldsmith graduate, Oliver Bishop-Young. Possibly one of the first artists of his kind, Bishop-Young utilises the items we label as junk, transforming everyday thrown away and disregarded objects into new and innovative artistic uses.


Oliver exhibited his two skip-based projects at New Designers in London back in 2008, and although a relatively older project now, we think Bishop-Young definitely inspired a few of the street artists we see today! The first of his projects being a proposal for a website; encouraging people to upload information about the content of skips they find, allowing others if interested, to go and salvage the items they need.


The Skip Waste website was designed for a collection of skips to be searchable by items required or location, with location and image details of each skip also published.  Sadly, the site no longer runs, however, we love the traditional ‘waste not want not’ idea that seems to have inspired this project.

His second project, later exhibited at the V&A, involved converting empty skips into public spaces, creating quirky and unique little areas for passersby to enjoy; from skate parks to gardens and swimming pools to living room with retro television.


“My work focuses on skips and looks at three main areas: exchange of waste materials, re-use of waste and making use of wasted spaces.”


Skip Ramp was created from a collection of materials gathered from skips; reusing them to create something contemporary, useful and fun. Skip ramp was one of many skip conversions that used found materials to transform the skip into something useful and something completely for the city.


One of our favourite conversions is Skip Park (as pictured above), encouraging friends, family and complete strangers to sit down and enjoy the greenery amongst the concrete jungle of London.


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