Summer vs. Spring : When To Have A Big Clean

When you’re thinking about the best time to have a big clear out and clean your home, many people think of spring as the time to do it – it’s traditional after all. However, there are also plenty of reasons to choose summer for your big clean too.

Summer: Longer Days

If you have a spring clean in March, you’ll have to face the fact that the sun will be setting by around 6 or 7pm. Right now, however, the sun doesn’t set until 9pm, and even by the end of August it’ll still be after 8pm before you lose the light to work with. These precious few extra hours mean that you can get more work done in fewer days!

Spring: Better Weather

One of the reasons that spring is traditionally house-cleaning time is that it finally starts to warm up after the long winter, and you can throw open the windows to let some well-needed fresh air in. However, you’ve got to choose the right days – you don’t want to be letting in the rain at the same time. On average, Edinburgh sees fewer rainy days in April than in any other month – 8.8 compared to 9.7 in August – so you may find spring gives you a better chance of getting everything done on that front.

Summer: More Hands

For many families, summer means one thing – the kids are at home, and they need something to do. Organise your clear out now, before they go back to school, and you’ll be able to get them to sort their own rooms out, and maybe even help with the rest of the house. Many hands do make light work, after all!

Spring: No Procrastination

Some would say that there’s no point putting something off until tomorrow when you can get it done today. In that sense, if you’re only doing one really big clearout in the year, it’s a good idea to get it done in spring rather than leaving it till later in the year, so that you can de-clutter your house ready for the warm weather. Once it’s done, you can put your feet up and relax!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to put off your big clear-out until next spring – if you need to de-clutter, clean and throw away the waste, we can offer skip hire in Falkirk at any time of the year! For more information, or to book your skip, give us a call on 01506 411141 for the West Lothian area or 0131 558 7888 for the Edinburgh area, or email us on

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