More Weird and Wonderful Uses of Skips

We’ve previously talked about a few alternative uses for skips, but new ideas keep popping up all over the place and all of them so creative we have to talk about them too. Instead of consigning themselves to using a skip for its original purpose, people find unconventional options that lets them take full advantage of old skips that are no longer needed.

These examples are by British designer Oliver Bishop Young, who created them as part of an art project:


Your home might not have a garden, or even space for one, but that’s not to say it can’t have a stylish planter at the entrance. If you’re feeling like cultivating your green thumb, skips are great places to plant a few flowers or vegetables, since they’re small enough to grow in a skip. Trees, on the other hand, might be more difficult. It’s even possible to place a roll of grass and a bench in there, so that you can sit back and relax under the sun. To make it look more like a garden, a skip can also be painted in any colour or design, adding another touch of originality to the project.


Skating enthusiasts welcome! If you don’t have the necessary space to skate, been chased out the park, or simply want to try something different, why not consider turning your old skip into a mini-skate park? Anyone who tries this might only be able to practice their half-pipe skills, but they’ll learn balance and coordination while doing it. They just need to be careful not to fall over the edge.


And skips can even be used as fountains. Oliver was commissioned to design a skip for the London Design Festival, and he created a fountain which looked like a pond and was operated by solar panels. Although the skip eventually had to go, it attracted plenty of viewers.

Table Tennis

Another creative use of a skip is to convert it to a table tennis club. This leisure hotspot was fitted with a proper table tennis table and lets people practice their skills in a small environment, ideal if they don’t have space to set a full-size table in their homes.

Even though here at Buchanan Skip Hire we cannot provide you with half-pipes or fountains, our Edinburgh skip hire premises are able to offer you empty skips you can then use any way you want (within reason!). For more information on our products and services, don’t hesitate to send over your enquiries or call us on 0131 558 7888. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter

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