Buchanan Skip Hire is delighted to announce the latest addition to our fleet – A new Volvo FMX 8×4 Hooklift. This new vehicle joins four other Volvo skip loaders which we have recently added to our fleet as part of our continuous improvement policy. We believe that these new additions to the fleet are essential to achieve our aim of continuously improving efficiency, whilst also providing our drivers with the latest high-end vehicles so that they can provide the best possible levels of service in safety and comfort.

James Buchanan, director at Buchanan Skip hire, expands on our recent fleet additions: “Our last five vehicle purchases have all been Volvo trucks. Every one of the group has an additional lower passenger door extra glazing panel, which increases driver visibility levels. We sourced the vehicles from a mixture of new stock to go and specific orders”. Supplied by Sean Merrick, Transport Solutions Executive at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland, the 5,100mm wheelbase Volvo FMX rigid chassis is fitted with a Multilift Hook lift body by HYVA, fitted at Bulkweld Broxburn.

Powered by a Volvo D13K Euro 6 engine producing a maximum 420hp, the FMX is also equipped with an I-Shift 12-speed automated manual transmission system and Volvo’s unique Tandem Axle Lift. Offering improved manoeuvrability in restricted space areas and a reduction in fuel consumption levels; Tandem Axle Lift is ideal for Ro/Ro jobs where the vehicle will drive heavily loaded in one direction and empty in the other. When the truck is unloaded, a button is pushed on the dashboard to disengage and raise the drive axle. As soon the truck is loaded, the drive axle automatically lowers and engages to ensure maximum traction and driveability.

Roll on, Roll off

Our latest vehicle will be utilized for transporting our large Ro/Ro bins, which come in 20YD, 35YD and 40YD varieties. These large bins are primarily used for trade customers who generate large volumes of waste and have the space available to store large containers on-site. Example of sites that make use of these bins would be shopping centres, construction sites and industrial units.

Our 20YD bins can be used for removing inert waste from sites, so are particularly useful for large construction jobs where large quantities of soil and rubble need to be removed. The 35YD and 40YD bins are primarily used for General Waste and other dense, bulky, non-compactable materials such as wood or metal and can hold substantially more than a conventional chain lift skip. They also have a door on the back that can be fully opened, allowing a greater ease of access when filling the bin. They can also be filled using specialist equipment if available on site.

A number of our customers achieve cost savings by using these larger bins due to the reduced transport costs – they are only paying the transport cost of one bin as opposed to several journeys to exchange the smaller bins. At the same time, they are also getting a lot more waste away from site each time. We currently have 3 hook-loaders, including the new Volvo, which means that we can guarantee deliveries/exchanges within 24 hours. There is also no rental charged on these bins if they are exchanged frequently (once or more per month).

All of the waste in these bins is brought back to our waste transfer station in Livingston, and is fully segregated into various different waste streams such as timber, metal, plasterboard etc. These waste streams are loaded into larger 60yd bins which are then transported with one of our hook loaders to specialized recycling centres in the area. It is through this process that we achieve a landfill diversion rate of 98% – something we take great pride in.

If you would like to find out more about our Roll on Roll off bins, feel free to give our friendly bookings team a call on 01506 411141 to discuss.