We have had a very busy Summer so far here at Buchanan Skip Hire. As well as all of the skips we have been delivering, we have been making improvements accross the board. Have a look below to see what else we have been up to!


Our new Avery weighbridge has been installed and is now up and running! The 16.5m weighbridge will allow larger vehicles to be weighed in/out of our yard. This increases the amount of waste that can be removed with each load.  We are already noticing a substantial reduction in our fuel consumption as we do less journeys to various recycling centres. This not only increases our efficiency, but also decreases our environmental impact. We look forward to seeing further efficiency savings from this over time.

Pictures of the new weighbridge can be seen below:







Environmentally Sustainable Procurement

Our procurement team have been focusing on purchasing only consumable products which are bio-degradable. The aim is to move away completely from single use plastics. An easy win which has made another big impact upon our environmental footprint is something which would be easy to overlook:

COFFEE! One of their biggest successes has been the transition from single use plastic coffee cups to recyclable & bio-degradable paper coffee cups.

We use traditional coffee mugs whenever possible, however it was highlighted that when out on site our team are supplied with tea & coffee in single use disposable cups.

Although this doesn’t initially seem like a big change –  we calculated the number of coffee cups that our team used each year. The positive impact was phenomenal.

We have 40 members of on-site staff. If we estimated that each team member had one coffee per day it meant we were previously using a staggering 12,000 single use plastic coffee cups every year. And like all offices, there are many people who are partial to more than just one coffee per day!

New Volvo!

We received our new Volvo truck in June. It is now out and about in Central Scotland dropping off skips. Thankfully the truck has air conditioning to deal with all the hot weather we are having!