Why Do I Need A Skip Permit?

What are skip permits? To deposit a skip on the public highway or road, permission must be sought from your local authority. If you have private property however such as a driveway or front garden, then you wouldn’t need a permit.

This requirement for a permit on a public road is to ensure that skips aren’t deposited in locations where road works are already planned. It also ensures that damage isn’t inflicted onto the road or services under ground etc. from the depositing of the skip. Skips can sit on single yellow lines with a permit, however they cannot sit on double yellow lines.

Can I Apply For A Skip Permit Myself?

Applications for skip permits are only accepted from skip companies. This is to ensure that the Councils can demand the skips are removed immediately should they receive complaints from other road users. Most Councils require the completed application form and a map showing the exact location of where the skip be dropped. Therefore, the skip must sit in the agreed upon location. If the skip is deposited in a different area then agreed with the Council, then it is extremely likely that they will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice. These are also issued if a skip is put on a public highway and no permit is in place.

The Fixed Penalty Notice that the Council issues for not having a permit is substantially more than the cost of the permit. Therefore, in our opinion it is never worth the risk of not getting the proper authorisation first.

Do I Need Lights and Cones?

To ensure skips on the road are sited in accordance with Council conditions, we supply traffic cones and skip lights. These are a requirement for skips on public property. This is to ensure they can be seen in low visibility, for example in the fog or at night.

How Much Will A Skip Permit Cost?

Each Council (West Lothian, Edinburgh or Falkirk) charges different prices for a skip permit, depending on the duration required. If a skip is to sit in a pay & display parking bay, then a parking suspension will also be required. This is charged at the hourly rate for the parking bay. This will be calulated based on for the length of time the skip will be sitting there. The times for the parking bays usually run 08.30am – 17.30pm, Mon-Fri. So if the skips needs to sit for three days, you would have to pay the hourly rate for the three days. You only pay for the hours that the bay is active. This is an additional cost on top of the permit.

Our team however have years of experience in applying on our customers behalf for permits and are happy to assist you in applying for a permit and getting it approved. Get in touch here for more information.