Buchanan Skip Hire is pleased to announce that they have signed a new electricity supply contract.  This guarantees that all electricity will come from 100% renewable sources!

Managing Director James Buchanan personally signed the new supply contract. It was decided during the procurement process that choosing the source and credentials of the electricity supplier was more important than solely financial criteria.

Speaking after the signing of the new contract, company Director James Buchanan said:

“We’ve implemented a number of energy use reduction measures in order to minimise our impact, however this new 100% renewable source electricity means that as the energy we do use is from 100% renewable sources, we’ve achieved another piece in the jigsaw towards a more sustainable future.”

Despite being significantly more expensive than the previous traditional electricity supply, Buchanan’s is pleased to continue its journey towards a more sustainable and greener future.

This means that the full Waste Transfer Station and Offices are powered using 100% fully renewable source electricity. This will ensure approx. 160,000 kilowatt hours of electricity will now be sourced from the 100% renewable sources. This is based on previous year’s usage.

Buchanan’s Trommel machinery is 100% electric and the office buildings also use a significant amount of electricity.

Buchanan’s can now divert its focus back to electricity usage reducing measures in order to further improve efficiency.

For more information on electricity contracts or other electricity reduction measures we’re taking, please do not hesitate to contact us.