Spring is Here!

It’s only May and I think it’s fair to say that 2022 has continued in the unpredictable trend of the last few years. Thankfully, the weather has started to improve and summer is almost upon us. What better time to hire a skip in Livingston!

This is my favourite time of year to get out in the garden and tidy up the overgrown plants and shrubs and to put down the weed killer before they grow out of control. It can be hard to work outside in the garden on those really sunny days; however with the longer daylight hours it can be easier to get those jobs done later in the day when it’s a bit cooler.

Long Term Service!

In the past month, we also recently celebrated a 20 year work anniversary for one of our colleagues – we’ll need to dig out the old photos to see if we’ve got any embarrassing photos of them when they first joined us. The cake went down a treat and we’re getting ready for another team member who is due to celebrate their 20 year service at Buchanan Skip Hire in June 2022.

Continued Improvements!

Furthermore, we’ve got hope that the environmental improvements agreed not so long ago at COP26 will be continued and embraced. Technology is constantly improving, with our new vehicles delivering improved efficiency and lower emissions. Our new electricity contract is supplying us with energy from 100% renewable sources, an improvement on our previous supplier. Our digital PDA’s and tracker system is keeping journeys and wasted journeys to a minimum. If nothing else, more generally the increase in fuel costs could be helping to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles and renewable fuels.

In the meantime, we’re focussing on getting the basics right. Our 4th new bright orange DAF skip lorry is now on the road. The skip chains and HYVA gear have been fitted and the driver is delighted to be operating a brand new vehicle. The feedback has been very positive, with the usual mod cons and the feel of driving a brand new clutch and gearbox being a big hit with the drivers. The freshly painted orange is also standing out on the roads!

Finally, my colleague has taken up a new hobby in the form of flying a small drone. Fingers crossed, you’ll be noticing some new photos and images being added to our social media accounts in the near future, showing off the new drone flying skills. If the posting of images ends abruptly – I think it will be safe to assume it has ended disastrously!