Recycled Aggregates


What are recycled aggregates?

Aggregates are materials that are used in construction, such as sand, brick and stone. They are primarily used for the construction of foundations, roads etc.  Recycled aggregates are no different. However instead of being made from virgin materials from quarries, they are made from left over materials from construction sites. We deal with a lot of construction waste coming back to our waste transfer station in skips. After the materials are sorted at our waste transfer station in Deans, Livingston, they are transferred to our own Zero Waste Scotland approved aggregate recycling centre. This allows us to produce quality recycled aggregates for sale. We follow a series of crushing, screening and inspecting of our aggregates. Our main products are Recycled Type 1, 4 millimetre Sand and 6F5. Due to this process, we are able to offer considerable savings on these products when compared to new aggregates.

Why choose recycled aggregates?

There are many benefits when compared to virgin materials:


As the product is made from recovered aggregates from building work as opposed to being dug out from a quarry, it is therefore far more cost effective to produce. This allows cost savings to be passed on to the customer. There is also a saving on any transport that would have otherwise been incurred during transport from a quarry.


One of the biggest benefits of utilizing recycled aggregates is the vastly reduced impact it has on the environment. Just as we recycle paper, cardboard etc. to avoid the waste going to landfill – the same applies to aggregates. The Scottish government has set the aim of no more than 5% of waste going to landfill by the year 2025. Recycled aggregates are just one of the many methods being employed by the waste industry in order to meet this target. Using recycled aggregates also reduces the amount of stone that has to be extracted from the Earth in quarries, meaning fewer natural resources are being depleted.


Despite the lower cost to the customer, the quality of recycled aggregates is on par with virgin materials. This means that it is just as reliable and durable, and can be used for the exact same purposes. Buchanan Skip Hire’s Oakbank Facility is also registered with Zero Waste Scotland’s Aggregate Quality Protocol Supplier Directory.

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