Harris in the magazine!

Harris in the Skip Hire magazine!


What a month at Buchanan Skip Hire…Our very own office dog, Harris – seen featured & also a WINNER of Pooch of the month @ Skip Hire Magazine, how exciting!

We will be sure to treat Harris for all of his hard work maintaining transport and ensuring thing’s run smoothly for our drivers 😉

For that reason, he is definitely our favourite boss…

Our new machine!


In Addition, Buchanan Skip Hire welcome a new machine to the family, the Liebherr T55-7 Telescopic Handler.

The Liebherr telescopic handler is a powerful universal machine. It really shows its strengths when making the best use of storage space.

Quick and nimble, it has powerful operating hydraulics to allow large amounts of material to be moved and stock piled to the maximum height. It can lift up to 5,500KG!


On one hand, we’ve kept busy, we recently completed our internal audit, as we prepare for this year’s ISO – Can you believe we’ve had this certificate since 2012!

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, international organization that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems.

This helps us develop, maintain and continuously improve our business processes.


Like many operators in the UK – the fuel & cost of living crisis is affecting every aspect of a business, and it only seems to be getting worse.

“UK drivers, fleet managers, and retailers will struggle to forget the fuel crisis of 2021, when the triple threat of Brexit, COVID-19 and the ensuing HGV driver shortage led the British public to panic buy until the pumps ran dry, writes Descartes’ Head of Marketing, Andrew Tavener.”

The thing is, there was no shortage of fuel, this was all the effect of panic buying, however, now the fears are valid for every fuel dependant operator in the UK.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led Western countries to announce bans on Russian energy exports. Unfortunately putting wholesale prices for oil close to an all time high.

Energy prices are going up generally in the UK as the costs of living rise. Energy experts warning MPs that fuel costs will reach £3 a litre for diesel and £2.40 a litre for petrol without quick and decisive action.

As with all transport operations, fuel is one of the biggest expenses.

The oil price surge will be a huge hit. In an environment where margins are already scarce.