Skip Hire in Edinburgh

With over 30 years of experience, we’re your partner for Skip Hire in Edinburgh. With unbeatable service we cover the entire city and the surrounding areas. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

Popular Skip Sizes – Edinburgh

2YD Mini Skip

This size skip is perfect for disposing of small amounts of garden or household rubbish. 6ft x 4ft x 3ft, perfect for Skip Hire in Edinburgh.

4YD Midi Skip

Ideal if you’re having a new kitchen fitted or you’re renovating your garden. The 8ft x 5ft x 3ft 4YD Midi should be large enough to contain all of your waste.

6YD Skip

Also, our 8ft x 5ft x 4.5ft deep skip will hold a substantial amount of builder’s waste. If you’re throwing away medium sized furniture such as wardrobes, chests of drawers or sofas, this size skip is popular.

8YD Builder's Skip

Finally, the 8YD builders skip is perfect for the removal of large quantities of bulky waste such as soil, rubble etc. or if you are having a large house clear-out. it measures approx. 11.5ft x 5.5ft x 4ft

Skip Hire in Edinburgh 

Skip Hire in Edinburgh

Our skips start from our 2YD mini skip right up to the giant 40YD roll on/ off bins. You can view the most popular skip sizes on our Skip Sizes section above.

Dimensions and photos have been added to help you decide which size you need. We can deliver our skips to the whole of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

We also have a range of enclosed skips (skips with lids) which are really popular. These are ideal for Industrial estates and schools throughout Edinburgh. Above all, this helps prevent others from putting their rubbish in or taking things out of your skip.

Types of Skip

Some of the most popular services we offer include :

      • 2yd, 4yd, 6yd, 8yd, 10yd, 12yd, 14yd and 16yd skips.
      • A full variety of open and enclosed sized skips i.e suitable for locking overnight.
      • 20yd, 35yd, and 40yd Roll on/ Roll off skip containers.
      • Drop door skips to ensure easier filling i.e with wheel barrows etc.
      • Wait and Load Service – 30 mins waiting time included with price of skip. Useful in built up areas where a skip cannot be dropped. (or where the customer wants to avoid the additional cost of organising a permit with the council)
  • The above skips and containers are all available with our unbeatable service as standard. We can also tailor the skip delivery times to meet your needs.

Speedy Service

First of all, we pride ourselves on going that extra mile for our customers.

Furthermore, We offer the following services to our clients as standard:

    • Early delivery (i.e from 6am onwards).
    • Uplift same day.
    • Guaranteed next day delivery
    • Permit organising on your behalf with Edinburgh Council
    • No additional charge for having the skip a couple of days extra.
    • Contract Hire – i.e for businesses to have a skip on-site permanently.

We have been supplying Skip Hire in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Therefore we are always happy to help, whatever project you have in mind.

We also offer a range of other services too. This includes site clearances, house clearances, and emergency disposal services.

Therefore, we are an ideal choice for all your waste removal needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information on 0131 558 7888.


Our team get asked a lot of questions from our customers relating to Skip Hire services. Some of the more common answers are available for you here:
What size of Skip do I need?
We have steadily built up the complete range of skips we have so that we can meet any of our customers’ requirements and now have all of the available sizes. For example, for small projects or quick tidy ups we have the 2yd Mini skips in stock, and these increase in size by 2yd as they get bigger i.e 4yd, 6yd, 8yd,10yd, 12yd, 14yd, 16yd skips. To help decide which size of skip you need, you can view a photo of the most popular sizes of skip with a person next to it to give perspective, please click on our Skip Sizes page. In addition to the standard open top skips, some businesses and schools that we supply require enclosed skips. These enclosed skips have doors for access to load them, which are able for the customers to lock with a standard size padlock. As a result they are particularly useful to prevent others from loading your skip or to reduce the risk of fires. Also, to assist in loading them, we have a small number of drop door skips which allow the customer to remove a simple bolt which drops the front panel of the skip to walk in with a wheel barrow. These are particularly useful when digging soils and stones to save your back! For any questions or for prices to hire our enclosed skips, drop doors skips and larger ones, please feel free to give us a phone on 01506 411141
Are there any Waste Types that I cannot put in the Skip?
– Asbestos (fibrous or cement bonded) – Modern fibre cement bonded products (non-asbestos) that visually look like asbestos cement i.e. corrugated or flat sheets, piping etc. – Hazardous Wastes. -Clinical wastes or animal carcasses. – Excrement. – Toxic or corrosive wastes. – Fluorescent light tubes or bulbs. – Any liquids, including oils and paints (even in containers). – Food wastes. – Farmers silage wrap (plastic sheeting or netting). – Fridges. – Freezers. – Vehicle batteries. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list – these are just some of the items that we cannot accept in our skips. If you are unsure about any of the items you wish to dispose of, please do not hesitate to give our experienced waste team a call on 01506 411141 and they will be happy to assist you with any query.
Is there any additional costs?
We calculate the costs for our Waste Transfer Station to recycle each type of material that customers can put in their skips so that we can provide an accurate fixed price with no hidden or unexpected charges.   To do this, when booking a skip, we always ask what is going to be put in them. If your skip is for a mixture of wood, metals, soil, rubble, garden waste etc, then we are able to give a fixed price for your skip and this ensures that there are no extra charges or hidden surprises. The majority of our customers such as householders, builders and businesses qualify for our fixed price skip hire. On rare occasions, there are certain types of waste which are extremely difficult or not yet able to be recycled. The government charges a Landfill Tax which makes it extremely expensive to dispose of these types of waste. We can supply skips for difficult to recycle materials, such as carpet, tyres, ceiling tiles, plasterboard etc. and price these based upon the weight of the materials to be removed. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will gladly help clarify. You can find out more about the Landfill Tax, here.
How long do I get to hire the Skip for?
To provide clear and fair prices for our customers, we quote a price to hire our skips based upon the waste type that will be going in them. As the majority of or customers have their skips at their homes or businesses and take on average around a week to fill, the price we quote covers you for up to 2 weeks hire without any hidden or additional charges. This means that there is no rush to fill and off hire your skip, as we understand that at times things come up and some jobs are weather dependent which can delay your plans for a few days. Also, for business or trade customers, we have a large quantity of skips in stock available for longer term hires. For example, if a business requires a skip at their unit or yard on an on-going basis, then as long as the skip is emptied or exchanged regularly i.e at least once per month, then again there are no extra charges.
What if the Skip will need to sit on the road?
Due to road safety requirements and to ensure skips don’t get placed on roads where cables are due to be laid etc. each council issues a permit to give permission to sit a skip on the road. If a skip goes on the road without a permit, then the council instantly issues a fine, just like a parking ticket. We are more then happy to organise a permit on your behalf and have accounts in place with most of the local councils in order to expedite permit applications, however we do need to organise them in advance of delivering the skip. Councils can take several days (5 Working days for Edinburgh, 7 working days for West Lothian) to issue permits, so unfortunately if we can’t deliver the skip onto your property we would be unable to sit it on the street until the permit has been applied for and approved. Therefore, if you need your skip to go on the road, it’s best to contact us in advance so we can get all the permits in place without delay. For more information on Skip Permits, see: West Lothian Skip Permits or Edinburgh Skip Permits