When Should You Use a Skip?


Well we certainly hope you’ve all welcomed 2016 with open arms. The beginning of the new year is the best time to start fresh. We’ve talked a lot about what you should and shouldn’t put into a skip. We’ve looked at the ins and outs of safety when using a skip but we’ve come to realise that we haven’t spoken about when  you should use a skip.

Whether you’re leaping into 2016 with a building renovation, or whether you’re cleaning out your house, here are a couple of instances when a skip will come in handy.


Spring Cleaning Your House

Now we don’t mean to bypass your perfectly good waste bin to chuck all of your bin bags into a skip, by ‘spring cleaning’ we mean the larger items you no longer need or want in your house. Those pesky broken, worn down pieces of furniture you can’ fit into your black bins.

Wardrobes, beds, mattresses, doors etc, are perfect to place in a skip just make sure you don’t over fill your skip.



A Place for All Them Bricks

2016 might be the time you’ve decided to finally get that work on the house you needed doing done. Whether you’ve invested in an extension, a stylish bathroom or even a new kitchen unit, your old features and fittings need to go somewhere. Instead of leaving all of your waste in your garden or dropped by a tip, a skip is the best way to keep everything tidy and safe until you come to disposing of your waste.



Grand Garden Designs

It’s not just your home waste and unwanted items that need a skip, sometimes the best way to take care of your garden waste is by putting it in a skip. Branches and leaves are perfectly fine for your green garden bin, larger debris, such as mounds of earth, stones are better suited for a skip. Anything that can’t fit into your garden bin safely and neatly are better placed in a skip capable of holding the weight and volume of earth you’re removing from your garden.



These are but a few reasons as to why you would need to use a skip. Once you’ve removed all of the waste from your home, however, there’s the case of disposing of the waste. Instead of leaving your skip where it sits, waiting for you to sort through the waste, we provide comprehensive services such as waste recycling in Lothian to help you dispose of your waste is a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

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